La nostra missione

Da circa 70 anni
LAFUMA MOBILIER coltiva un know-how unico che tiene conto della sostenibilità e delle sfide ambientali.

"Creare e fabbricare mobili
che permettono a ciascuno
di trasformare il proprio spazio esterno
in uno spazio di benessere sostenibile."


In favor of well-being and sustainability

Proud of their sustained history and approach to sustainable development, 
Lafuma Mobilier’s challenge to disposable culture is an ascendant commitment. 
In addition to associating metal tube with sturdy tissue, an irreplaceable duo, 
Ecology is in their genetic code, every creation amplifying its echo. 
Durability that is in steel, but also in other grey matter: 
With several generations of loyal talent adding to our company’s offer. 
Each has helped us develop environmentally respectful techniques,
To conserve materials, promoting the virtuous alchemy that tomorrow seeks.


Recycling, recovering waste, crushing, remelting, and reusing – 
Our entire industrial channel is continuously mobilizing. 
This pledge is expressed in our proven eco-designs:
At Lafuma Mobilier, it is not enough to find a shape’s curves or its lines,
It is further refined, optimized, and streamlined, to always ensure
That a product stays intact or can be repaired across decades in the future.


New times confirm that renewal is an asset infused with wherewithal.
Whether the chair is one, three, or even twenty years old, after all,
With Lafuma Mobilier, whatever the past, what’s next can be inventive.
If you feel like refreshing your decor, start with the pattern and get creative:
Our frames have a long life, and we can salvage Batyline® fabric,
Giving a reprieve to obsolescence and redressing furniture for winter’s magic.


It is important to consume better, to be less consumed.
That’s why our brand carries this conviction that has been fully assumed –
To contribute to well-being, reaching beyond comfort and relief:
To take a moment for self, to relax and slow down, whether it’s extended or brief.
Never mind the era’s evolutions or life’s rhythm and speed,
Never mind how you use or place it relative to a need,
Lafuma Mobilier has designed an alter ego that is here to stay,
Leaving up to you, how it will be invited into your day to day.