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Cuir naturel tanné végétal

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The two brands have used their unique know-how: LAFUMA MOBILIER signature on the frame and BLEU DE CHAUFFE craftsmanship on the leather work.

From raw materials to the final product, LISON is a high standard quality chair: Matte white steel frame, thick leather, double stitching, an authentication seal under each seat… Made in BLEU DE CHAUFFE and LAFUMA MOBILIER workshops in Aveyron and Drôme, each item is hand-made with the greatest attention to details.

The LISON Collection: a LAFUMA MOBILIER x BLEU DE CHAUFFE collaboration.

When an indoor/outdoor furniture manufacturer teams up with a leather craftsman... LISON is the outcome of an authentic collaboration between two authentic French companies. The project was initiated around a common love for sustainable and useful design, deeply driven by a humanitarian and ecological consciousness. The connection to build a story between LAFUMA MOBILIER and BLEU DE CHAUFFE seemed obvious: LISON is the result of this encounter.

THE HISTORY BEHIND THE COLLABORATION, FRENCH HERITAGE. This capsule collection is a rework of the first series of seats in metal and cotton canvas made by LAFUMA MOBILIER in 1954. Foldable, simple and practical, this chair has quickly become the perfect companion for weekends and holidays, suitable for balconies and small city spaces. LAFUMA MOBILIER Bauhaus influence combined with the workwear DNA of BLEU DE CHAUFFE gives LISON a timeless style. 100% French, functional and sustainable.

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Peso netto (in kg) 2,44

Altezza seduta (in cm) 44

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